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About Us

Learn more about our values and vision for our students.

Why We Exist

1. To promote quality learning through efficient methods.

2. To promote community through learning and teaching.

3. To promote leadership and growth through encouraging, inspiring and challenging.

We Believe...

1. That music is ultimately expression of the soul.

2. That you will be able to play or sing like a pro.

3. That confidence in your ability will grow.

4. That everyone can play or sing confidently.

Our mission is to help musicians and aspiring musicians to learn, to grow, and to become leaders in whatever they do.

Does this interest you?  Have any questions? Contact us to submit a question or call us at (587) 400-5610.

What Makes Us Unique?

We not only provide music students with a teacher, but we also provide multiple learning "avenues" to accompany our lessons - videos, audio, sheet music, and more for our students to expand their knowledge and background in music.

We go above and beyond expectations to meet all of your musical needs.

Guitar Close Up

Our Values

What Makes Us Who We Are

We value personal development. As student’s come into our courses, we want them to feel that they have much more of a grasp on music than they ever could on their own. Personal development is essential to rising higher in every art form and in life. Through education, we help to develop each one’s potential so that they can grow to be all that they desire to become in being a musician.

We value self-confidence. As each student grows in their personal development, we desire to have them be much more confident in themselves and their abilities. We do this through helping them achieve awards and different times of playing in front of diverse audiences.

We value artistic expression. We desire every musical artist to be able to fully express themselves in the best way possible, so that they feel understood in their medium. This is seen in the way that we tailor-fit the artistic experience towards every musician who walks into our studio.

We value going above and beyond. We will do our absolute best for you – whether in class or out – to help you achieve your musical goals.

We value leadership. We will do our best to turn you into a strong leader where you can build and enhance your character building to become a well-rounded person – both musically and in life.

Ready to Start Your Musical Journey?

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