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We, at Revolution Music International, want to be aware that there are people who would really like to take music lessons, but cannot afford to do them.  Therefore, we have a scholarship-based program which can help those in need also to be able to take lessons.

This page provides everything you need to know regarding the requirements and program to be able to take music lessons through a scholarship.

Note: Even if someone fits all of the requirements, this does not guarantee they will be selected.  This is because there are only 4 spots available per intake session.

Income, Payment, and Instrument Requirements

The income level is varied based on the size of family.  If you are accepted, you will need to provide proof of your income by showing your latest notice of assessment.  Here is the maximum family income:

1. Two-Person Family (one adult and one child): $40000

2. Three-Person Family: $50000

3. Four-Person Family: $58000

4. Five-Person or More Family: $65000

Although the student will not have to pay for lessons, they will need to have their own instrument, do in-person lessons at the teachers house, and pay for their own books through Revolution Music International.


Program Length & Timing

The program length for each accepted applicant to the scholarship program is 16 weeks in length.  After that, an applicant will need to reapply.

The time per week for each lesson depends on the age.

1. From 7-10 years old: 30-minute lessons.

2. From 11-17 years old: 45-minute lessons.

Intake for each scholarship is in June and January to begin in September and February.



The applicant must practise a minimum amount of time per week, and must have it signed off.  If it is not signed off three weeks in a row, the scholarship will end for that individual.  Here is the amount of time:

1. From 7-10 years old: 15 minutes per day, 5 days per week

2. From 11-17 years old: 30 minutes per day, 5 days per week.


Recital Performance

The applicant must perform their song at the next recital.  Recitals take place in either June or December.

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