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The Minimalist Drummer

Vanzella Joy Williams - Drummer for Beyonce

Often times, it is so easy — especially when you want to start playing drums — to try to always do complicated beats that will make you look like a star. However, that is not always needed. An expert drummer is not someone who can just do complicated beats, but also, a drummer who knows what will best suit the mood of the song — whether it is a complicated drum beat or not. Sometimes (in 4/4 timing), doing a kick on 1 and 3, and a rim click just on breat 4 is all that a song needs.

Of course, learning how to add little embellishments can also help with the flavour of the song, like adding in an extra double stroke roll on the hi-hat, or a splash cymbal in between beats. All of these things make a drummer musical-sounding. These are the kinds of traits that people look for in a drummer — not that they can only do complicated beats.

Discern the difference, so that you can be brilliant.

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