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My Story

My music journey started around 2017. As the pandemic rolled in, I was bored and ended up coming across a great pianist— which inevitably brought me towards the piano. I’ve bugged my parents about a piano but instead they pulled me towards the drums instead. Before getting my first drum set I was enamoured by how drummers could easily glide across the kit with such precision and talent. Because of those videos online, I thought confidently that I would become like the drummers on the internet— but starting to play was like a boat sailing in rocky waves. I was pushed by my parents to practice but instead, I wasted years not improving my skills.

Soon I found myself back on the internet, and a certain song drew me to play the drums again, and once I started, I couldn’t stop. From there my skills improved drastically and I finally played with joy and sometimes tore into the drums with anger. Yet these emotions just drew me closer to my set and gave me the confidence to try my best and continue improving. 

I’m hoping by teaching, I can help students find that same joy and comfort in playing the drums as I do. 

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