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Music Lessons for All Ages

Guitar - Piano - Vocal - Bass - Drums - Ukulele - More


Welcome to...

Revolution Music

We help aspiring musicians become skilled in just 4 months!

Music is a part of your essence. It connects memories of the past to emotions in the present. Music lessons help you to develop in so many different ways that it would be a shame to miss out. Find your musical journey with Revolution Music International for your music lessons in Edmonton!

Our teaching styles focus on combining the fun of learning by ear with the discipline of practise and music theory.

We teach guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons, and voice lessons here in Edmonton. We take our job very seriously to help your self-confidence to grow, and to bring up the passion that is inside of you!

With more than 15 years of experience, books written, and much more on the horizon, we feel that this is the best music company to take lessons from in Edmonton! Contact us today to get started!

Picture of RMI Owner

Daniel Jackson

Owner/Lead Educator

Music Lessons Available

Man Playing Guitar

We teach guitar in a wide variety of styles, starting with the basics of music, and then graduating to


Drummer in Concert

We teach drums in a way that will develop the student's rhythmic sensitivity to styles of 


Piano B&W

We teach piano/keyboard in a way that students will be able to learn songs through chording methods



We teach voice lessons that will help to boost a student's range, as well as develop their confidence


Our music lessons are generally taught from the instructor's home - an instructor who lives close to you!  We offer both private and group lessons (depending on the instrument).

We offer online private music lessons via Zoom, so you can develop your music talents from the comfort of your home!

Our instructors can provide in-home lessons for an extra charge

What Our
Students Say

Although the plan here at Revolution Music is to graduate you from beginner to intermediate musician in just 1 year, some of our students stick around longer and even become teachers!


Here's what some of our students are saying:

Milcah English


"Based on my own experience Mr. Daniel is very professional and always encourages his students to be better. My daughter has zero experience with guitar and in a short period of time she learned so much, as a matter of fact she's not only his student for guitar but piano as well. So I do recommend this place."

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